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Here is how it works...

Our unique way to connect students with appropriate tutors will guarantee fruitful outcomes for all parties involved.

About Us


While spectacular accomplishments have been made to create an ideal learning environment for students, there are some domains in which hybrid learning is unable to match the social, in-person environment we are accustomed to. One of the areas we saw in need of assistance was the mechanism for connecting students with each other for tutoring purposes. Many of the honors societies found in high schools require the members to complete a certain amount of community service hours and tutoring other students remains to be one of the most popular means of completing these requirements. The lack of interaction between students due to the COVID 19 precautions can prove to make finding good matches of students to tutors quite difficult. We strive to fix these issues by providing students and tutors a means of connecting with each other based on appropriate needs and expertise. Here is how it works.

The Tutors - Upon registration, the student will be prompted to share information about their skills which will be used when matching them with other students. They will choose what subjects, grades, and topics they feel comfortable teaching. Once contacted by a student they will schedule a time and means to meet by, either Zoom, phone call, or in-person if conditions are safe. Once the tutoring session has been completed the tutor will create a record of the session to be submitted for community service hours.

The Students - Once logged in, a student can search based on various criteria like grade, subjects, and specialty. Then the student will see all of the tutors who meet their needs and schedule a tutoring session.