Blast Off Tutoring
Here are our goals...

We strive to provide tutoring to all students in need, while providing tutors incentives.

Our Goals are Simple


Helping Students access Quality Instruction

We want to help as many students as possible by offering free tutoring in all areas including STEM, ELA, SS, ENL, SE.

Peers Tutoring Peers

We feel strongly that the best tutoring is done peer to peer. Kids in the same age range relate to each other in different ways than they would to an adult. Friendships are developed that go way beyond tutoring.

Understanding Diversity

By offering assistance to students in different areas, it teaches life lessons like understanding diversity, inclusiveness, patience, communication skills, and gaining a perspective of differences in need. While this is taught in school, learning by doing is far more effective.

Community Service Hours

Students giving back to their school and community in a safe, rewarding way.